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Business advisory services

We provide a range of business advisory services including:

  • Situation analysis

  • Business profit and capital value improvement

  • Business coaching and training

  • Protecting your assets

  • Developing an exit strategy


Situation analysis

In order to help us understand a business and the aspirations of the owners we carry out a situation analysis.

The situation analysis really helps business owners get to the heart of:

  • Where the business is now

  • Where they personally are now

  • Their business aspirations

  • Their personal aspirations

  • What they like about their business

  • What frustrates them about their business

  • The main challenges to achieving those aspirations

The insights disclosed during this exercise have been a revelation to many business owners and an important step in the process of building a close working relationship.


Business profit and capital value improvement

Many owners fail to appreciate the profit potential and capital value potential of their business. As a result, important decisions – such as when to sell the business, retirement and succession planning – are never properly addressed.

RYS use sophisticated computer modelling tools that can help identify the potential for profit improvement and capital value growth within a business.

From the data provided we can then advise on a business plan and tailored business coaching and business training solution to make it happen.


Business coaching and training

RYS provide business coaching and business training to help business owner’s work more ON and less IN their business.

RYS provide business training and coaching in the following areas:

  • Developing an effective leadership and management style

  • Leading and managing high performance

  • Planning and developing an effective organisation

  • Creating a joint enterprise culture

  • Sustaining growth and continuous improvement

  • Embedding a culture of innovation

  • Entering new markets

Protecting your assets

It takes a lot of effort to build asset value within a business. That value can be tangible and intangible and many business owners fail to appreciate the value they have created and the risks to which those assets are exposed.

At RYS we provide advice in relation to:

  • The appropriateness of using group structures

  • Recognising and protecting intellectual property

  •  Identifying and assessing commercial risks

  •  Identifying ideal customer profiles

  • Carrying out due diligence procedures

  • Helping clients take the appropriate legal advice


Developing an exit strategy

When people start a business they should begin with the end in mind. They should have a vision of the future, and that vision needs to be constantly reviewed and re-appraised as time goes on. In reality, this rarely happens.

The vast majority of owners have no clear idea of where they want to take their business and fail to appreciate the potential business capital value. As a result, important decisions such as when to sell the business, retirement and succession planning are never properly addressed.

At RYS we can assist business owners focus on achieving a capital value for their business aligned to crystallising that value through an exit strategy.

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